Today we are going to talk to you about Texas Mechanical Masters and how its business owner improved his employee benefits program while we helped make it stress free.

We were able to recognize that the employees of the business didn’t understand or value the previous employee benefits program.  This was a huge concern as the business owner realized that without a way to improve the previous benefits program that they would risk not being able to retain employees long term.

We focused our efforts for Texas Mechanical Masters on creating a new plan design, communicating proactively to prevent problems and problem solving quickly.  We were also able to offer them online enrollment and compliance checklists that our competitors couldn’t.  Texas Mechanical Masters has described our service as, “…effective, valuable and proactive.”

Because of our approach and concierge service we have been able to maintain our relationship with Texas Mechanical Masters over the last two years.

You can expect an experience like Texas Mechanical Masters as they described in how we,

“Exceeded by communicating more frequently and creating a smooth enrollment process.”


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