A personal umbrella policy goes over your existing primary liability, auto, home, boat, etc. An extra layer of affordable liability protection over your existing homeowners and auto or other personal insurance policies. By making additional funds available above the limits already present in your home, auto, and boat policies, an umbrella provides additional protection for your assets. The Agency can suggest additional liability coverage that goes above the limits of your current insurance policies.

People walking in the street can fall and sustain severe injuries on a snow-covered sidewalk in front of a home – something easy enough to imagine. The injured person sues and submits a list of medical expenses the homeowner is responsible for paying, and perhaps, the amount of wages they lost due to the fall. There can be a problem if the total expenses exceed the liability portion of their homeowner’s insurance and may have to go to extremes to raise the needed cash even though they have what is considered a sufficient amount of home insurance.

However, most people don’t believe they will be sued or found liable for judgment, but perhaps they should. People who do purchase umbrella insurance usually have no problem, and once the expenses exceed the amount of liability coverage provided in the home insurance, umbrella insurance kicks in and can pay up to the limit of the umbrella policy.

Now maybe you’re thinking, that umbrella insurance is expensive, since it provides such large amounts of money. It’s a common misconception, and you’ll be surprised to learn how little it costs. So, don’t let that put you off. Give The Agency a call to discuss it with one of our agents and find out for yourself. After all, you want reliable protection for any situation.