The Best Coverage for Auto Insurance

You want the right coverage at the lowest possible price, and we get that! There are lots of coverage options for auto insurance and we are here to help you get everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. We can shop your auto policy with multiple carriers at once and help you compare the prices.

We work hard to make sure you get every discount you deserve and have competitive rates for young drivers. And if you ever have to file a claim, we are always here to help and make sure things go smoothly. Ready to get the coverage you need and start saving money? Just request a quote or call us today!

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What to Expect from The Agency

Insurance can be confusing and with all of the online companies these days, a lot of customers feel that they aren’t getting the answers and coverage explanations they deserve. We make sure that we take the time to work with each of our customers on a personal level and help you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. For us, it’s simply a matter of doing things the right way.

Homeowner’s coverage doesn’t have to be difficult to understand.

Typically, home insurance will cover the following:

  • The structure of your home
  • Replacement costs
  • Personal possessions (up to a set limit)
  • Living expenses in case of a disaster
  • Liability

You can also add supplemental policies such as:

  • Valuable articles/floater policies (i.e. Jewelry Insurance)
  • Flood policies
  • Earthquake policies
  • Umbrella policies (additional liability)
  • Animal liability (liability issues due to household pets)