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Whether you have just purchased your first home, condo, or are moving into a rental property, it’s important that you take the time to explore all your insurance options.

There are several reasons that you may want to consider insurance on your Home, Condo or Rental.

  • One reason that you would need to get a home or condo insurance policy is that your mortgage company will likely require it to ensure that their collateral is protected at all times. In many cases, they’ll require that you escrow your payments for it on a monthly basis.
  • If you are going to live in a condo, you will also need to comply with the association rules. Most times this means making sure you have an appropriate condo insurance policy. Condo policies will vary depending on your HOA so make sure to verify what parts of the condo are taken care of by the HOA, and which parts are your responsibility.
  • Renters should know, your landlord’s policy only covers the structure itself and some of the built-in features but you will need a renter’s policy for your personal affects.
  • Renters sometimes feel they don’t have enough possessions to justify the cost of renters’ insurance but personal items such as clothing, furnishings, electronics, and other items can add up to thousands of dollars in replacement costs.
  • Home, condo and renter’s insurance policies also provide other types of coverage, such as personal liability and medical payments.

Our experienced insurance professionals can help you determine the right coverage to protect you against expensive losses that affect your financial stability. We offer a variety of insurance products, including home, life, auto, and business coverage. Contact The Agency Insurance Group today for your free, no-obligation quote.

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